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Cherry blossom design teeshirt


I am fascinated by cherry blossoms: the sudden explosion of whites and delicate pinks, and then it is all over within a week. But when I went to Geneva, Switzerland, in March 2015, I found this beautiful lone blossom, which had decided to come out before all the others. I like to think it just wanted more time outside ... 

We print this shirt on a fitted ("women's") teeshirt in S-thru-XL "women's" sizing. If you are unsure about your size or need another size or fit, please contact us at We will print your teeshirt, it just might be a week or so... 

The shirt is 100% spun polyester, delivering excellent sweat-wicking and tailoring that keeps the shape and color over time. The all-over-print will not crack, peel, or flake. Kær branding in back. Machine wash warm and hang dry.

Photo credit: Marianne Møllmann, 2015.

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cherry blossom front.jpg
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