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Pink orchid bomber jacket


This luxury bomber is the perfect outerwear for spring or fall: it's light, it's toasty, and it feels like a million dollars. Featuring warm wool cuffs and collar and a delightful orchid print on velvet for the bodice. I found the orchids at perhaps the best-kept greenhouse on Long Island in late 2017, at an estate where I was lucky enough to spend a couple of nights. Their bright pink glow is given additional light by the subtle shimmer of the velvet.

Outer shell in navy poly faux leather and printed poly velvet fabric with a short pile. Zip closure. Cuff and collar in wool with lycra for stretch. Satin lining. Printed in North Carolina, made in NYC. 

This product is made to order and usually ships 2 weeks after order placed. Additional sizes available upon demand. 

Photo credit: Hassan Kinley Photography.

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bomber back closeup.jpg
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