Kær's Lead Designer

Born in Brædstrup, Denmark, the granddaughter of a seamstress, Kær's lead designer and founder Marianne Møllmann received her first sewing machine at age 7 from her mother. Under her mother’s aesthetic and technical tutelage, Marianne began to fashion entire wardrobes for her teddy bears, before graduating to sewing clothes, bags, accessories, and home decor items for herself and her family and friends.

Most weekends of Marianne’s childhood were passed in various art galleries and museums throughout Copenhagen. She and her brother were encouraged to not simply look at but to engage with a variety of artwork and art forms. Through these outings, Marianne’s mother passed on a fervent belief that reverence for beauty in all its manifestations, and commitment to quality in action and material, are paramount to a meaningful life.

Kær's color-palate and design aesthetic is inspired by Marianne's eclectic background and nomadic early adult life. Marianne left Denmark at age 21 to study and work in Oxford, Madrid, and Paris, where she interned at Paloma Picasso perfumes. After a stint in London's advertising industry, Marianne started a decades-long human rights career, putting her branding and marketing skills to use for social change. She lived for years in Guatemala City, Washington D.C., and Lima, Peru, before she ended up in bustling New York where she immediately felt at home. She is now happily settled in Brooklyn, NY, with her husband, Booker, and daughter, Amaya, who carries on the tradition of sewing and designing. 

When Marianne isn't outside or busy with a sewing machine or sketch-pad, she heads up the research department at Physicians for Human Rights--which thankfully is based New York's garment district. If you want to learn more about her parallel career, here's her other website.