Kær's Designer

Kær is a women's wear and home décor collection designed by Marianne Møllmann based in Brooklyn, New York. Marianne works with urban nature photographs inspired from her mother, Anne Møllmann, to design colorful prints that the brand is so recognizable for.

Born in Brædstrup, Denmark, the granddaughter of a seamstress, Marianne received her first sewing machine at age 7 from her mother. During childhood, when Marianne was sad, her mother suggested the simplest, most heartfelt, remedy: “Go outside and look at something beautiful.” Kær is guided by the belief that the nature and composition of your environment has a subtle, but abiding, impact on your emotional health.

Marianne creates joyful prints, interesting but functional silhouettes using a plethora of fabrics in her workshop overlooking Prospect Park in Brooklyn. She has this to say about her design process:

"The prints reflect precious memories from my home and travels, so when I sew it feels like a cross between memorializing my life and converting love and friendship into something concrete and lasting. I draw inspiration for silhouettes from the Scandinavian design tradition of clean lines, beauty and functionality. That, and fun. Because, at the end of the day, it's just fashion. If we take it too seriously, we might end up believing it's more important than what's on the inside.

"The amazing thing about nature is that its cyclic diversity expresses change, ambiguity, and unified solidity at the same time. To me this means there is always some part of nature that perfectly mirrors my experiences and that allow me to elevate and externalize them in a creative manner.”

When Marianne isn't outside or busy with a sewing machine or sketch-pad, she hangs with some pretty amazing people at the Fund for Global Human Rights, the New School for Social Research, and Barnard College.