Kær: Danish design in Brooklyn

Kær marries the core Danish design principles of beauty and functionality with Brooklyn-based urbanity and awesomeness, through small-batch-produced colorful clothes and home products: dresses, jackets, raincoats, bags, greeting cards, and more. One customer commented that our raincoats - here in a quince-flower textile - provide for a "three compliment minimum subway ride," every time. We think they are pretty fabulous, too.

Kær: Name

Kær is a Danish word, that can mean either something that is dear, lovely, or valuable, or the village pond. In other words, Kær describes the space we inhabit between nature and home: beautiful, simple, and calm. This is the basic design principle behind our apparel and home textiles. Nothing is added that doesn't serve a purpose, and while our prints might be loud - prepare to stand out - they are never busy. Just like nature, Kær goes with the flow.

Kær: Designer

Brooklyn-based textile designer, Marianne Møllmann, started designing clothing and home-decor to alleviate the stress that comes with human rights work and living in a big city such as New York. She bases her textile designs on images from memorable moments and places--often from her mother's garden in Denmark, or her parents' home in the Pacific Northwest. Her clothing style is simple, Scandinavian aesthetic, with a streetwear edge. 

Happy Happy Raincoats!

Kær's raincoats are made from rain-resistant laminated linen/cotton canvas and feature side-pockets and "antique brass" snap closure. They are slightly oversized to accommodate that extra sweater or hoodie when it's cold. Or, you can just wear them, as is, to guard against wind or the summer evening chill.

Brooklyn Streetwear: Bomber Jackets

Our organic cotton bomber jackets combine the best of Danish design with the awesomest of Brooklyn street-style. Available in two outstanding prints: bright pink cherry blossoms, and the beautiful reflection of art and nature in glass. 

Silk Chiffon Scarves

Kær's silk chiffon scarves features natures best: colorful Dahlias, a witch hazel at sunset, the center of a blooming rose. Printed on delicate silk chiffon, these light airy pieces combine with just about anything. 

Table runners

Kær's table runners are printed on our signature linen/cotton canvas and follow the beautiful changing seasons: daffodils for spring, blossoms for summer, water weeds for fall, and the bright blue winter sky for the end of the year. Dress up your table for this season!

Kær started with a walk in the park. Our full origin story is here, but before you read it: go outside and look at something beautiful. It can only make you happier, healthier, and more fulfilled. And that's what Kær is about.